Catch Reports

Another forty

Posted in Catch Reports on 19th July 2009

Consistent big carp catcher Rick Golder has been in the thick of the action once again and has... Read more

Target accomplished

Posted in Catch Reports on 08th July 2009

Following a successful campaign on a large Cornish reservoir Chris Douce from Plymouth has been... Read more

It's forties galore as the B5 banks yet another big UK brace!

Posted in Catch Reports on 26th June 2009

Mike Edgeworth recently had a night’s fishing on a local gravel pit that he will remember for... Read more

Somerset duo smash personal bests!

Posted in Catch Reports on 20th June 2009

Phil Whiterod from Bridgwater, Somerset decided to make the long trip to Sandhurt lake in search of... Read more

Stunning - just stunning!

Posted in Catch Reports on 29th April 2009

Martin Finan’s incredible list of big fish captures just seems to get better and better!... Read more

More short session success for Rick

Posted in Catch Reports on 05th April 2009

Following Rick Golder’s success last month, the Berkshire based fish catching machine has... Read more

A switch to B5 produces two Monster Commons!

Posted in Catch Reports on 25th March 2009

We need to keep the details of this one a bit hush hush due to publicity restrictions and water... Read more

Stunning Big Common falls to 'The Squid'!

Posted in Catch Reports on 04th March 2009

Charlie Goult isn’t wasting much time getting to grips with the new Natural Squid after... Read more

Rick's Back!

Posted in Catch Reports on 24th February 2009

Following a few months break from fishing, Essential Baits stalwart and well know big fish angler... Read more

Lake record Brace

Posted in Catch Reports on 10th February 2009

Lee Woodman decided to put in his final 24-hour session of the season on his local syndicate water... Read more

The use of Food Oils

Richard Kelly is certainly no stranger to big carp, but that's because he understands the importance of a well balanced nutritional food bait. It's paid dividends for him on numerous occasions, as proved again here with another UK forty.

We firmly believe that a well balanced nutritional food bait will completely out fish baits with little or no real food value, and the inclusion of a food oil will help to provide the essential fatty acids required for the carp’s dietary requirements. Further to this, the inclusion of a lipid source will also have a sparing effect on the proteins used within the bait, thus allowing the carp to assimilate the available proteins far more efficiently. In short, food oils will increase nutritional values and provide an extra source of attraction to the finished bait. In short, the fish love them, they increase nutritional values and to cap it all off, they make the bait easier to roll!

Top tip

If making your own baits, reduce the oil content by 50% during the colder months and add a nutritional emulsifier.