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You can't keep a good man down!

Posted in Catch Reports on 05th June 2013

Here's a face some of you might recognise. It's Andy Waller with another massive UK caught carp - a... Read more

Another big common succumbs to the Black Snail!

Posted in Catch Reports on 05th June 2013

Team Essential member Martin Finan has been getting amongst the big fish again in recent weeks with... Read more

Confused Common!

Posted in Catch Reports on 04th November 2012

Lee Carpenter is one of those consistent anglers who always seems to get amongst the... Read more

Yet another B5 caught lake record!

Posted in Catch Reports on 03rd November 2012

Matt Davies has caught an enviable amount of big fish from home and abroad in recent years and his... Read more

Just mind blowing!

Posted in Catch Reports on 27th October 2012

Over the past several weeks we have been receiving a number of catch reports from Richard Kelly and... Read more

Honesty is the best policy!

Posted in Catch Reports on 26th October 2012

Unlike some bait companies we could mention (cough!) Essential Baits have never had any interest in... Read more

Instant success!

Posted in Catch Reports on 25th October 2012

Young up-and-coming carper angler Ben Thompson is having a terrific year since switching over to... Read more

Mission accomplished!!

Posted in Catch Reports on 12th July 2012

UK commons really don't get any better than this immaculate 48lb 2oz specimen recently caught by... Read more

B5 blitz on Linear St Johns!

Posted in Catch Reports on 10th July 2012

This has to be one of the best catch reports of 2012 and just goes to prove how much of an... Read more

20+, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+ and a 70+ in just 12-hours!!!

Posted in Catch Reports on 05th July 2012

You won't see many foreign catch reports of this site but when a customer contacts you to say... Read more

Mike on Bag 'n' Stick Liquids

The main function of liquids is to boost food signals in and around your baited rig and increase the chances of fish being pulled into the area. Stick Mixes, Method Mixes and Ground bait can simply be mixed together with water, but by adding a liquid food as well, you will be increasing the food signals coming from the bait.

On many occasions I’ve witnessed carp being pulled down from the upper layers on to the baited spot, and I have no doubt that this has been due to the liquids sending out attractive food messages through the water column.

Of course these liquids can be used for a number of other useful applications as well. For example, coating pellets with these liquids will disperse quicker/better messages of food than pellets used on their own, and a single Pop-Up launched out into the middle of nowhere will undoubtedly benefit from being soaked in a liquid for a few hours first.

I can honestly say that these Bag ‘n’ Stick Liquids have caught me a number of ‘bonus fish’ when I’ve been pretty much convinced that I would have struggled without using them. There will be a time and a place to use them, but ignore them at your peril!