Catch Reports

Kingsmead 'Whacker' for Dave

Posted in Catch Reports on 05th July 2012

Long time Essential Bait user David Acreman from Taunton has used our Shellfish B5... Read more

A Common Assault!

Posted in Catch Reports on 09th May 2012

Many anglers up and down the country have reported numerous personal bests and massive changes to... Read more

Three Wise Men!

Posted in Catch Reports on 07th May 2012

Ben Pester, Jason Crossley and Sean McMahon recently fished a session to remember at the Blue Pool... Read more

Ricky has no Fear!

Posted in Catch Reports on 07th May 2012

Somerset angler Ricky 'Fear' Thomas has once again shown how to combine good angling skills with... Read more

Creamseed kicks in as temperatures drop...

Posted in Catch Reports on 17th November 2011

Everyone knows the awesome pulling power of our Creamseed boilies as water temperatures begin... Read more

Matt's at it again!!

Posted in Catch Reports on 17th November 2011

Matt Davies has to be a contender for the UK's carp angler of the year award after what he has... Read more

Fantastic year on the B5!

Posted in Catch Reports on 17th November 2011

One customer who has been having a fantastic season since he switched to the awesome B5 is Paul... Read more

Mike's success continues...

Posted in Catch Reports on 09th November 2011

Mike Ryan's season just gets better and better! Earlier in the season Mike visited his new... Read more

And yet another huge UK common!

Posted in Catch Reports on 08th November 2011

What is it about the amount of huge commons that the B5 and Black Snail seem to attract? Matt... Read more

Another massive common for Matt!!

Posted in Catch Reports on 08th November 2011

There aren't many anglers out there that can catch a 46lb UK common and it still falls short of... Read more

Wafters as hookbaits

Ian May with one of many 40lb+ commons he's landed on Essential Baits by making sure his hookbait placement is spot on.

The name 'Wafters' can be a little misleading because we don't want these baits too critically balanced. In our experience a hookbait that's too 'buoyant' can 'waft' all over the place as a carp approaches the bait and render it very ineffective and easy to eject. What we have done with these special hookbaits is to make them slightly more buoyant than a standard bottom bait straight out of the bag. This in turn will negate the weight of the hook and the hooklink and by the time the rig is presented, it will behave the same as the free offerings surrounding it. This is exactly what you need to achieve if you think about it because the carp will be feeding on the freebies and you want your hookbait to behave in exactly the same way.


Our Wafters are 'tougher' than boilies straight out of the bag and are a popular choice for anglers that prefer their hookbaits a little harder than their freebies.