Catch Reports

Aqua Andy banks the 'Woodcarving'

Posted in Catch Reports on 08th November 2011

Aqua Products manager Andy Cadwallader has been doing a limited amount of time on the famous... Read more

Colin Hunt's 'em down!

Posted in Catch Reports on 07th November 2011

We've recently received a couple of belated catch reports from long term Essential Bait user Colin... Read more


Posted in Catch Reports on 11th October 2011

This just has to be one of the best catch reports of the year and we've held it back for over a... Read more

Man on fire!

Posted in Catch Reports on 08th September 2011

We've been receiving some very impressive catch reports from Lee Carpenter recently who has... Read more

Two sessions, two baits, one lake record and two PB's!!

Posted in Catch Reports on 21st August 2011

What a story we have here! After recently joining a new syndicate lake Mike Ryan wanted to use... Read more

Lee banks new pb common!

Posted in Catch Reports on 14th August 2011

Essential boilie production manager Lee Willmott is the person responsible for single handedly... Read more

River whacker for Lee

Posted in Catch Reports on 14th August 2011

This report slipped through the net and should have gone up last month, but big UK river fish are a... Read more

Andy banks another stunner!

Posted in Catch Reports on 14th August 2011

This magnificent looking 36lb 4oz linear fell to the rods of consistent angler Andy Windmill... Read more

Darren's delight

Posted in Catch Reports on 13th August 2011

Long time Essential Bait user Darren Greaves from Glos has had a break from carp fshing in recent... Read more

Incredible success!

Posted in Catch Reports on 01st July 2011

We've had loads of big common reports lately but Matt Davies has recently taken the carp world... Read more

Nutritional Base Mixes

Rob Fielding knows the importance of using a high quality food bait and as soon as he switched over to using Essential Baits, it completely transformed his fishing.

It almost goes without saying just how important I believe a good quality nutritional base mix is when it comes to catching carp on a consistent basis. You’ve only got to look at the success of the B5, year after year, to understand that a good quality food source will completely out-fish baits with lower nutritional values.

One of the most important things to remember is that carp have the ability to search out and recognise food signals prior to consumption. In other words, a good quality food source will spell the word FOOD as it releases ‘attractor signals’ into the surrounding water.

Baits constructed with little or no food value are unable to do this, and once any added attractors have been dispersed into the surrounding water, there will be no more food signals coming from the bait. In short, a good quality food bait will continue to send messages of food long after other baits have stopped working, and will continue to prove more successful, both short term and long term.