Catch Reports

Mid-Winter Whacker

Posted in Catch Reports on 10th December 2009

We’re so please to report this next one. Long term Essential Bait user Paul Wortley from... Read more

One bait, one angler, three 50's!!

Posted in Catch Reports on 19th September 2009

Martin Finan from Glos recently re-wrote the record books by becoming the first angler to catch... Read more

Gigantica monster

Posted in Catch Reports on 15th September 2009

It’s not often you will see foreign fish pictured on here but Andy Clark has had his fair... Read more

The Leopard strikes

Posted in Catch Reports on 12th September 2009

Carp just don’t get much better looking that this absolute stunner of a fish known as The... Read more

Over the full moon

Posted in Catch Reports on 02nd September 2009

Mike Edgeworth has been dreaming of catching his target fish from a large Glos gravel pit for... Read more

Long Distance Whacker!

Posted in Catch Reports on 29th August 2009

Eddie Johnson from Conwy, North Wales has been making the 480-mile round trip to St Ives lagoon in... Read more

Welcome back!!

Posted in Catch Reports on 21st August 2009

Essential Bait boss Mike Willmott is having a tremendous year with a number of big fish from... Read more

Horseshoe Haul on B5

Posted in Catch Reports on 18th August 2009

Chay Williams from Somerset recently had a session to remember at Horseshoe lake in Glos. Chay... Read more

Yet more B5 success

Posted in Catch Reports on 11th August 2009

There’s not many anglers that can boast they have had more than fifteen UK forties, but Glos... Read more

Back with a bang!

Posted in Catch Reports on 31st July 2009

After a short break from the big carp scene following his capture of the Black Mirror, Essential... Read more

Backlead use

Back leads can be very advantageous in certain circumstances, particularly on venues that receive lots of pressure from anglers and you need to pin your line down to the lake bed. On such venues, any fish that bump into your lines, can often mean the kiss of death. To avoid this, it's best to pin your lines down. Yes, this can be acheived by using slack lines, but the big disadvantage there is that you will also lose vital bite indication. By dropping on a back lead, you can pin your lines down, yet still keep them semi-tight to register bites. They also minimise the chances of you catching your other lines whilst playing fish back to the bank.

The problem with most back leads however is that in the event of hooking a fish, they don't slide down the line very well, but we can assure you there's no chance of that happening with these!