Catch Reports

Brace of thirties for Jerry

Posted in Catch Reports on 26th May 2014

Jerry Mills from Bridgwater had never been fortunate enough to catch a thirty pound carp until recently, but when he did, he caught two on the trot!! Jerry, decided to fish an overnighter on a local syndicate water where he introduced a kilo of Shellfish B5 frozen boilies to a marginal spot no more than 3-yards from the bank.

Within an hour of fishing Jerry's rod ripped off and after a hectic battle, he banked a lovely 30lb 12oz common. Absolutely elated with his capture Jerry then put the rod back out, but little did he know only a matter of hours would pass before he was doing battle with another big fish! This one turned out to be a 31lb mirror!

Two personal bests in the matter of hours. Top B5 Bombing Jerry and huge congratulations - 'Fat Boys' rule okay....

The wonders of Thaumatin

Thaumatin is undoubtedly one of the most attractive ingredients we have ever seen when it comes to producing a stimulatory response. It can be used in particles, boilies, boilie glugs, liquid foods, stick, spod and spomb mixes etc, etc. Even match anglers have used it in their maggots and groundbait formulations and romped past their nearest competitors, simply because the fish seem to go into a complete feeding frenzy when this stuff is added to food!

We Would NEVER advocate the use of particles without Thaumatin and we promise that you will see a massive difference compared to particles without it. With so many shelf life particles available on shop shelves, and doubts about the aded preservatives making them taste 'bitter', Thaumatin is the perfect answer. Just a few mils per jar can make the world of difference and significantly improve your catch rate.

Beware of immitations! Essential Baits are the ONLY company that market Thaumatin-B.