Catch Reports

Jamie on a proper roll!

Posted in Catch Reports on 31st May 2014

Jamie Robb is currently on a tremendous run of big fish. He recently contacted us to order some Black Snail boilies and some White Snail pop-ups (awesome combination) to fish over the top. It was for a match he was fishing with his partner. Well they not only won the match by some distance, but in the process Jamie landed this superb 45lb 8oz common! (Left)

The following week Jamie went to Linch hill's Stoneacre venue and managed to bank a brace of thirties, topped by this magnificent 34lb 7oz fully scaled mirror (below). Once again, White Snail pop-ups over Black Snail boilies doing the damage.

But as if all that wasn't enough, Jamie has since returned to Stoney and banked a stunning 40lb 6oz monster known as Baby Choco! Pictures and report to follow. Well done Jamie, that's a proper roll you're on. keep 'em coming...

Corker Pop-Ups

Cork dust pop-ups have a number of advantages over other pop-ups.

1) Made with identical ingredients/attractors to free offerings and send out the same food signals.

2) More durable and less prone to ‘theft’ from nuisance fish, crayfish and birdlife!

3) They can be pierced with a baiting needle without losing buoyancy.

4) Brilliant for ‘snowman’ presentations where you can trim down the corker pop up with scissor blades to achieve the perfect level of buoyancy required.

5) Ease of use.


Top tip for long term buoyancy

When fishing pop-up rigs in deep water for long periods of time or on waters where bird life can be a problem, drill out a cavity in the corker pop up with an 8mm drill bit then plug it with Gardner Tackle’s cylindrical high density rig foam (yellow). Then pierce the corker pop up on to your hook/rig, making sure the baiting needle goes up through the yellow foam first, then secure with boilie stop. I guarantee you that you can leave your pop up out there for 3-days if needed with no loss of buoyancy! Further to this, in the unlikely event that a diving coot or tufty unknowingly pinches your pop up, you are still fishing a nice visual yellow ‘fake’ bait.