Catch Reports

Fantastic season

Posted in Catch Reports on 18th September 2014

Another angler that has had an absolutely fantastic season on Essential Baits is Lee Carpenter. Lee decided to use the B5 to target a number of big fish, particularly a big mirror of 40lb+ he had targetted. Working hard at his fishing by doing overnighters between work, Lee soon managed to tally up an impressive amount of big fish, including some absolute stunners!

First up was a pristine looking linear that weighed 33lb 10oz and this was followed by a 31lb 10oz common. Keeping the bait going in, Lee's next fish resulted in a 30lb 4oz mirror and then a stonking great common of 38lb 10oz. After catching the big common, Lee left for work but not before introduced a further 4-kilo of B5 ready for the following day. He arrived for another 'overnighter' the following afternoon, but was awoken during the small hours by what he described as an 'epic battle', before slipping the net under a stunning 42lb 2oz mirror - his target fish!

Well done Lee, effort definitely equalled reward for you mate and massive congratulations from all the essential team. Top Bombing indeed!

Lee's parting comment to us was...."The B5 just never fails"...

Making your own

The amount of anglers making their own boilies these days are becoming less and less. This is understandable considering time limitations, but for those wishing to venture out into making their own boilies, these Handy Packs definitely are the way forward because everything you need (apart from eggs!) is inside the bucket.

Making your own bait allows you to use your own 'bespoke' combination of attractors to suit your individual needs. You can also make different shapes and sizes, as well as having the option over soft, medium or hard baits, depending on boiling times, or if you wish to include additional hardeners. Further to this, many anglers find it extremely rewarding to catch fish on a bait they have made themselves.