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Fruit Seed Oil

We all know how effective Red Salmon Oil can be, but it didn’t really match up with the attractor profile of bird food based mixes. We therefore set about formulating a lipid source that provided the essential dietary requirements needed, but at the same time complimented alternative recipes to that of fish meals.

The end result was a blend of nut and vegetable oils to provide the correct nutritional balance, together with the addition of 12 attractive fruit based esters to enhance the overall palatability and create a truly unique food oil. One again, this oil has been suitably refined for all season use and we use it at 10ml/pound throughout the year in our successful Cream-CSM recipe.



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The use of Food Oils

Richard Kelly is certainly no stranger to big carp, but that's because he understands the importance of a well balanced nutritional food bait. It's paid dividends for him on numerous occasions, as proved again here with another UK forty.

We firmly believe that a well balanced nutritional food bait will completely out fish baits with little or no real food value, and the inclusion of a food oil will help to provide the essential fatty acids required for the carp’s dietary requirements. Further to this, the inclusion of a lipid source will also have a sparing effect on the proteins used within the bait, thus allowing the carp to assimilate the available proteins far more efficiently. In short, food oils will increase nutritional values and provide an extra source of attraction to the finished bait. In short, the fish love them, they increase nutritional values and to cap it all off, they make the bait easier to roll!

Top tip

If making your own baits, reduce the oil content by 50% during the colder months and add a nutritional emulsifier.