Carp Life Hoodies

Out now for 2017 (Click on image to enlarge)

The new range of 'iconic images' from Essential.

To celebrate the launch of Carp Life 2 we have produced a range of 'old school' carpy hoodies incorporating iconic images. The illustration and graphics are of the famous 'Lucky' & 'Humpy' from Ashlea Pool, which was originally commissioned by Mike Willmott and drawn by Gaz Fareham. The famous sketch appears in Carp Life 1 within the chapter 'The Magic of Ashlea'.

The two iconic fish are feeding side-by-side underneath the pads and amongst the cabbages of the gin clear water at the famous fishery.

The logo simply say's 'Carp Life, it's in the blood'... and the main clothing colour is a lovely subtle olive green.

Note: Now only available in one size (losse fit) XL (46/48)


£32.95 Post free! (UK only)


Iconic Images

This famous image of Lucky & Humpy feeding side-by-side at Ashlea Pool first appeared in Carp Life 1 in 2002. During the coming years we aim to increase the range by adding new iconic images to increase the collection. When this is done, it's likely that the first image will be discontinued to make way for the next, therefore these garments will remain 'limited editions' and extremely sought-after items of clothing.