Thaumatin Bait Sprays

The most stimulatory effective natural protein sweetener in the world has just got even better!

Due to huge demand, we have now made our Thaumatin liquids available in a handy spray form application. Furthermore, the levels have been adjusted perfectly so that you can spray the liquids directly on to your hookbaits, boilies, zigs, partices etc etc. You can even spray up your leaders, leads and hooklinks to get all that attraction oozing out within the vicinity of your rig!

These handy sprays have so many little 'edges' you just can't afford to be without them.  A few quick sprays inside a bag of boilies followed by a shake will not only give the bait and incredible coating of attraction, but  will prevent them from 'moulding up' on those long summer sessions - a common occurence with high quality food baits.


Thaumatin-B 'Bait Spray 70ml'
The orginal clear version of Thaumatin with added betaine. A winner for over 15 years and many anglers would never cast out a hookbait without it. Brilliant for plastic hookbaits and zig rigs and used by many of today's top carpers. 


ThaumatinRed  'Bait Spray 70ml'
This is the legendary Thaumatin-B liquid but with added red fruit compounds to give the liquid a lovely sweet, smooth cranberry aroma. The perfect hookbait enhancer for any bait and perfectly compliments the fruity background of our B5 boilies and matching pellets.


ThaumatinGold  'Bait Spray 70ml' 
The new ‘Gold’ version includes the addition of dairy cream attractors to give the liquid a rich creamy ‘twist’ copled with intense sweetness. The perfect hookbait enhancer for any bait and perfectly compliments the creamy background of our Salami Cream boilies.


Note: The incredibly powerful full-strength versions of the above liquids are available in 100ml and 250ml bottles (perfect for soaking particles) Please click HERE

The wonders of Thaumatin

Thaumatin is undoubtedly one of the most attractive ingredients we have ever seen when it comes to producing a stimulatory response. It can be used in particles, boilies, boilie glugs, liquid foods, stick, spod and spomb mixes etc, etc. Even match anglers have used it in their maggots and groundbait formulations and romped past their nearest competitors, simply because the fish seem to go into a complete feeding frenzy when this stuff is added to food!

We Would NEVER advocate the use of particles without Thaumatin and we promise that you will see a massive difference compared to particles without it. With so many shelf life particles available on shop shelves, and doubts about the aded preservatives making them taste 'bitter', Thaumatin is the perfect answer. Just a few mils per jar can make the world of difference and significantly improve your catch rate.

Beware of immitations! Essential Baits are the ONLY company that market Thaumatin-B.