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Black Snail Bag 'n' Stick Mix

No one can deny the incredible success of Stick Mixes in recent years to provide an attractive carpet of tiny food particles within the vicinity of your baited rig. However, with the high food value of the Black Snail and all the natural feeding triggers it contains, we believe we have taken bag and stick mix formulation to a whole new level!

This mix contains the same attractor package to that of our Black Snail boilies and associated products but can be boosted further still with the addition of our PVA friendly Black Snail Liquid Food.  



1kg bag 3kg bucket 5kg bag
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Bag 'n' Stick Mixes

Team Essential member Wayne Lindsey with one of two 40lb+ commons caught within a week by increasing attraction levels in his baited area.

Since the publication of numerous articles on PVA stick mix presentations, the use of dedicated mixes to facilitate for this style of fishing have become very popular indeed. The main principle behind this type of presentation is being able to place your hook bait smack bang in the middle of a concentrated parcel of food.

In many ways, it's the perfect way to achieve absolute pin point bait presentation around your baited rig, and there are times when it can be an absolutely deadly method. This type of presentation can often lead to an extra bite or two when perhaps single hook baits or stringers fail to achieve the desired results. The extra attraction of tiny particles breaking down around your hook bait will send out a cloud of food that will not only provide a bigger visual target for the fish to see, but will also send out effective food signals into the surrounding water.