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Absolute perfection!

Posted in Catch Reports on 31st May 2014

Well I certainly can't complain about the past 12-months! On my no-publicity venue in Glos, I managed to bank a total of 47 carp to 48lb 12oz, of which 17 were over 30lbs. B5 doing the damage as always. Obviously I can't put the pictures up here, but one fish I can report is a fish known as 'The No9 Bus' at a weight of 42lb 10oz, that I recently caught from Stoneacres (Linch Hill Complex).

I've only recently joined the famous syndicate and 'The Bus' graced my net on just my second trip to the venue. The great fish fell to a mixture of Black & Red B5 boilies in mixed sizes and at a range of about 160-yards. I was absolutely blown away by the capture and I can only describe it as one of the most awesome carp I have ever seen! Absolutely breathtaking!

The rods are going away soon to concentrate on writing Carp Life 2, but after the season I've had, and topping it off with such a fantastic creature, the timing just couldn't have been any better.

Mike Willmott

Good quality food baits

Ben Thompson with a stunning 47lb 5oz pb mirror caught on B5 freezer boilies when the fish seemed totally pre-occupied with naturals!
I can't begin to stress the importance of using a high quality food bait when it comes to catching carp on a regular basis. A bait formulated with nutritional ingredients will be sending out food signals long after the liquid attractors have been dispersed, this due to the fact that the ingredients themselves will be breaking down and sending out messages of food into the surrounding water.

Cheaper baits that have little or no nutritional value might sound more attractive on the pocket, but they will cost you dearly when it comes to producing the goods. Once any liquid attractors have dispersed, the bait will not be sending out any food signals at all, but further to this, will have no nutritional benefit whatsoever.

Carp, like all other fish, soon learn to recognise a food source and will continue to eat it again and again if it provides them with a sense of nutritional satisfaction. They have the ability to detect a nutritional food source prior to consumption (food signals coming from the bait) and after ingestion. With this in mind, we have developed what we believe to be the highest quality range of nutritional food baits available, and the success of the B5 alone has certainly gone some way to proving this.