One off sale

Amazing Black Wednesday Deal

Black Friday has come early at Essential Baits!!!

As from 9am on Wednesday 22nd November, we are opening the phone lines to our amazing deals for freezer boilies and associated products. We are offering 10kg of boilies cheaper than our usual 100kg bulk price deals!!!

Orders will be kept in strict chronological order and lead times will increase with the demand, so the sooner you order, the sooner you will receive your goods. Order line = 01278 427634 and just mention ‘Black Wednesday Deal'.

Here are the full details of the deal...

All freezer boilies at £5.95/kilo.

Glugs, pop-ups, wafters, balanced hookers, pellets, Liquid Foods, Thaumatin liquids and sprays, Carp Life 2 etc, are subject to a 20% discount when ordering with freezer boilies, subject to fitting inside box.

Note: This offer does not include shelf life boilies or clothing.

Carriage at cost. This is £10.00 up to 20kg with no extra postage for other products ordered at the same time providing they fit into one box*

* Different products may be subject to box volumes.

Example boilie prices

10kg = £5.95/kilo + £10.00 postage Total = £69.50 delivered

20kg = £5.95/kilo + £10.00 postage Total = £129.00 delivered

Shellfish B5, GS10, Salami Cream and Black Snail. Sizes = 16mm, 20mm and dumbells.

12mm boilies all £1.00/kilo extra.

A mixture of different boilies can be ordered. For example, 5kg B5, 5kg Black Snail and 5kg of K5.

Terms:- Offer does not include shelf life boilies or clothing. Carriage = £10.00 up to 20kg. All baits are winterised for cold water use between now and next March. All bait will be made fresh and sent out as soon as it’s made and ready for your freezer.

Phone lines open at 9am Wed 22nd November and close at 5.30pm.

Tel: 01278 427634




Carp Life 2

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