Carp for sale

Exclusive carp for sale

We have been rearing carp out our Springwood Fishery site for over 20 years now, during which time we have successfully managed to cross many different strains from some of the UK’s most exclusive and iconic fisheries, including the Black Mirror/Mere, Frampton, Leney/Dink strain, Stoneacre, Wellington Country Park, Coate Water, etc, etc. Our nearby Sanctuary site is also now fully functional and Cefas registered. We will be updating this page in October/November with more details regarding availability.


Winter 2022/23

We will have a good number of C1's and C2's available, a limited number of C3's and a few C4's. Feel free to drop Mike an email:


Cork ball advantages

Although we provide cork dust pop-ups, we also appreciate that some customers prefer cork ball pop-ups and I think that it's generally accepted that cork ball pop-ups are the best method for long term buoyancy. This can be particularly advantageous for many modern day rigs such as chod rigs and Hinged Stiff-rigs. These clever little packs allow anglers to create their own cork ball pop-ups with little effort. You can also regulate the amount of paste you use to make them more buoyant or turn them into slow sinkers.

Top tip

If you are having problems with diving birds or nuisance fish, you can combat this by 'meshing up'. The best method we have seen to do this is to cut a small section of tights (we recommend you get your missus's permission first!). Wrap the pop-up in the fine mesh, pull tight, tie off with floss, 'blob' the excess with a lighter and away you go.