Essential Pellets

Essential Pellets

Over the years we have carefully developed a range of pellets that will cover most angling situations and lead to a greater disperce of attraction within your baited area.

We are very proud of the fact that these pellets are manufactured exclusively for Essential Baits and are not available elsewhere under a different name! Further to this, they contain all the same key ingredients and attractors that are found within the matching boilies, therefore, the promise (smell) of food will match up with the boilies you are using, which is a massive edge over the vast majority of pellets available elsewhere.

Note: Black Snail Pellets back in stock from beginning of March.

Essential Pellets


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Shellfish B5 Pellets
These pellets were formulated to match our Shellfish B5 boilies and contain an active protein ingredient that helps them to break down very quickly...
Bloodworm Pellets
Now processed at lower temperatures to preserve nutritional profile and help prevent denaturation of important amino chains. The new formulation also...
B5/Betaine Double Action Pellets
A brilliant combination of two of the best fish feed pellets available and formulated to keep a constant level of attraction coming from the baited...
Bloodworm/Betaine Double Action Pellets
Our exclusive Hyper-Active Bloodworm Pellets have been blended with Betaine Pellets to keep a constant level of attraction coming from the baited...

The benefits of Pellets

Team Essential member Lee Carpenter with one of his many big fish. Underwater attraction and stimulation plays a big role in Lee's success and pellets are one of the best ways to achieve this.
The use of pellets as a carp fishing bait has been well documented over the years, but their success isn’t surprising when you begin to consider just how many young carp have been fed on them during their early years. Most carp will instantly recognise pellets as a viable food source, and the fact that they break down quicker than boilies means that they release their food signals more efficiently. This will usually encourage smaller fish into the area first, but will often trigger a feeding response from the carp shortly afterwards.

Pellets are also an extremely versatile bait, that can be introduced in a variety of different ways. One of the best methods is to use them inside mini PVA bags with a few crushed boilies. The full package is no bigger than a tea bag, but leaves a nice little pile of food perfectly presented and difficult for the carp to ignore!

Larger beds of pellets can also be very effective, particularly on heavier stocked venues when trying to create competition for food. On lower stocked venues however, a few pouch loads of pellets sparsely scattered around your baited rig will undoubtedly increase attraction and keep the carp searching for food. This method will always keep a food trace in the area and increase the chances of pulling fish into the baited zone.