Powdered Additives

The addition of either of these two powdered additives will stimulate the carp’s receptors and lead to a far greater acceptance of the food source.

A good food bait will undoubtedly benefit from the inclusion of additional additives that will trigger a feeding response. Powdered additives are particularly good because they tend to stay within the bait longer, whilst at the same time can prevent 'stale' sediment odours from taking over. We have narrowed our range down to just two additives, the brilliant FF6, which is one of the key ingredients to the success of our B5 range, and Sweet Cream, a key component within our GS10 and Salami Cream boilies. Both of these powders are Thaumatin-based and greatly add to the recognition, palatability, functionality and success of any bait recipe.

Powdered additives


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Fruit Factor 6
FF6 is a Thaumatin based fruit palatant that plays a number of important roles within a bait. It will significantly increase the palatability (taste...
Sweet Cream
This plays exactly the same role as the Fruit Factor 6 but has been specifically developed for use in conjunction with birdfoods and/or milk protein...

Powdered Additives and Extracts

Long time Essential Baits consultant Rick Golder with a stunning '48' from a mega difficult venue. Rick knows the importance of a good food bait combined with the correct ingredients to trigger a feeding response. His results prove this year after year. 

The inclusion of powdered additives and extracts within a boilie recipe will undoubtedly make a massive difference in terms of attraction and palatability. Used at the correct inclusion levels, they will trigger a feeding response and lead to prolonged feeding. They can also be hugely beneficial at repelling nasty sediment odours from 'tainting' the bait. The FF6 found within the B5 is a classic example of this and will always make sure your baits smell 'sweet', even when fishing amongst horrible black silt. 

Many of these products are used extensively within the aquaculture industry to promote feeding, so it goes to show that these ingredients will play a huge part within the inclusion of a successful bait recipe, both short and long term.

Top tip

Betaine is an excellent ingredient for triggering the carp's receptors. If you want an 'instant' feeding response for short session fishing, just pour 20ml Boilie Glug or Liquid Food over 1 kilo of boilies and sprinkle one level tsp of betaine over the top before shaking vigourously.