Shelf-life Boilies

Shelf-life Boilies

The development of the Essential range of boilies in shelf life means that anyone wishing to use these baits at home or on the continent, will have a massive edge over other baits being used, simply because big carp have the ability to recognise good quality food baits that send out attractive food signals. 

In fact, we have lost count of the number of fishery owners that have contacted us to say that anglers who turn up with these baits always seem to have far superior catches to those using 'standard' shelf life boilies. There are three options available within our shelf-life range, namely Shellfish B5, Black Snail and Salami Cream. Resuts have suggested they perform equally as well as the frezer range and they have been responsible for some truly staggering results from around the globe.

Please note: We use much less preservative than other bait companies but dry the baits for longer, therefore these shelf life boilies are much harder than most others. If you want a 'soft' shelf life boilie, these are not the ones.

Shelf-life Boilies


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12mm Shelf life boilies
Our full range of shelf life boilies are now available in 12mm sizes. These carry a surcharge of £1.00 per kilo. Available in 1kg laminated...
B5 Shelf-life Boilies
If you talk about legendary 'big fish' baits, they really don't come any bigger than Shellfish B5. This bait is widely accepted as the...
Black Snail shelf-life boilies
High quality food baits just don't get any better than this one and the Black Snail has been catching an astonishing amount of big carp on a very...
K5 Shelf-life Boilies
At last, due to huge demand over the past 18 months, we have now made the K5 available in shelf life. This is the sister bait to our long standing...
Salami Cream shelf-life boilies
The shelf life version of our new Salami Cream. A unique combination of birdfoods, dairy protein fractions, multi-functional palatants, cereal...

Shelf life boilie advantages

Our Essential resident 'Globetrotter' Merv Pennell with one of his many big carp caught on our range of Shelf life boilies. Merv, amongst so many other anglers, openly admits that our shelf life range offer a massive edge over 'standard' shelf life boilies and would not use anything else.  

Of course the big advantage about the use of shelf life boilies can be summed up in just one word – convenience! And this is the key word you need to bear in mind. Good quality freezer baits are fantastic for that long term baiting campaign, yet can be problematic for extended UK sessions and of course when fishing on the continent.

So would we recommend substituting freezer baits with shelf life boilies for long term bait application? In short, no we wouldn’t! Simply because this will not offer any advantages at all, however, we can honestly say that for those trips outside the UK or even those extended sessions within the UK where it would be difficult to keep freezer baits fresh, this highly successfull range of shelf life boilies tick all the boxes - and more!

So many anglers strongly believe these are the best quality shelf life boilie available ANYWHERE in the world! Confidence and convenience, such key words for success.

Top Tips

1) Avoid cheap and cheerful shelf life boilies like the plague. I can think of few things worse to ruin your chances of success than poor quality boilies that have been ‘over-flavoured’ to mask preservative odours!
2) If the manufacturer states there are no preservatives in them, ask him to tell the truth!

3) Beware of semi-soft shelf life boilies. These are likely to be overloaded with preservatives. We tend to rely on reduced moisture levels, which in turn creates a 'tougher' bait, but with far less preservative.