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Black Snail Handy Pack

A highly nutritious bait that blends into the surroundings and has a brilliant track record of catching the 'rare ones'. 

Perfect for those who wish to make their own boilies and contains all the dry mix additives blended in at the mixing stage, therefore eliminating the need to add them individually, whilst at the same time ensuring perfect consistency with every single mix. Each bucket contains more than enough Caviar flavour and Red Salmon oil. Recipe instructions below in yellow.

The 3kg Handy packs will make approx 4kg of finished boilies and the giant 10kg packs will make approx 13kg of finished boilies.


Crack 3 large eggs into a bowl.

Add 4ml Caviar Flavour.

Add 15ml Salmon oil (this can be reduced by 50% during the colder months).

Stir thoroughly.

Add base mix until the correct consistency is achieved (this should be approx 16oz to 3 large eggs).

Roll as required and boil.

As a general guideline, boil 16mm boilies for about 1 min 40 secs and 20mm boilies for 2 mins. This can be increased by an extra 30 seconds if you need to withstand 'splitting' in throwing stick.


Leave to cool/dry for at least 3 hours before putting in freezer. Bait can be made on the evening before fishing and left to dry overnight before your session.

To help baits last longer in warm conditions, add a light coating of boilie glug, liquid food or Thaumatin spray - keep cool and out of direct sunlight.



3kg 10kg
£32.75 £93.95

Making your own

The amount of anglers making their own boilies these days are becoming less and less. This is understandable considering time limitations, but for those wishing to venture out into making their own boilies, these Handy Packs definitely are the way forward because everything you need (apart from eggs!) is inside the bucket.

Making your own bait allows you to use your own 'bespoke' combination of attractors to suit your individual needs. You can also make different shapes and sizes, as well as having the option over soft, medium or hard baits, depending on boiling times, or if you wish to include additional hardeners. Further to this, many anglers find it extremely rewarding to catch fish on a bait they have made themselves.