Caviar is one of the all time classic carp flavours but this particular 'Nature Identical' liquid is in a league of its own! It particularly lends itself well to fishmeal based baits and when we used it in conjunction with our Black Snail boilies we knew we were on to a winner from the start. We've never witnessed a reaction like it and the carp continued to rip the lake bed to shreds for many hours! Catch reports have subsequently confirmed it is also a very good long term fish catcher. 

Use at 4ml/pound or 9ml/kilo.


£10.20 per 100ml

Liquid Flavours

A cracking forty-plus caught from a pressured venue on the B5 with Shellfish Plum flavour. Bait choice was a key factor to a very succesful campaign on this venue. 

Liquid flavours play an important roll within the creation of a successful long term bait recipe for a number of reasons. They will not only help to give the finished bait it’s own unique taste profile, but also give it a distinctive ‘label’ that the carp will come to recognise through association. In other words, you will be educating them to eat the bait and recognise the 'taste' and 'smell' over a period of time.

Be careful not to get flavours confused with attractors though, because in terms of nutritional value, unlike liquid foods, they have little or no food value, however, for the reasons outlined above, they are a very important addition to any successful recipe.