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P12 Boilie Preservative

Our new P12 boilie preservative will be hitting the shelves in April. This food grade ingredient can be used as a partial egg replacer to keep boilies fresh for 30-days. P12 is the perfect answer for those who prefer to make their own baits and are going abroad or long session fishing in the UK. No more air drying!!



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The Benefits of P12

For anglers that prefer to make their own boilies from scratch, the P12 can offer a big advantage. Not everyone has the luxury of having good carp waters on their doorstep and the need to travel long distances can be commonplace. Couple this with an extended summer session and no freezer facilities and you could have a problem keeping fresh bait in tip top condition.

Air drying is an option, but this can take time and requires space. The addition of just 10% of P12 in with your eggs will prevent baits from ‘spoiling’ for a good week and take any worry out of the equation. Further to this, if you decide to fish the continent but want to make your own baits, you can do so just prior to your trip with the satisfaction of knowing that your baits will stay fresh for at least 3-weeks. You can even place any bait you haven’t used into your freezer on your return!