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Black Snail (short preserved)

Identical to our Black Snail freezer boilies but contains a small amount of our P12 food stabilizer to give the finished bait a minimum of 20 days shelf life from you receiving the goods. Made fresh to order and perfect for trips abroad or extended UK sessions.

Attractor Profile… Liquid Caviar, Betaine, GLM and Red Salmon Oil.

Available in 16mm, 20mm and Barrels

Brief summary

  • High quality food bait with a 20-day shelf life.
  • 100% identical ingredients to freezer bait range.
  • Can be frozen down and used as freezer baits if required.
  • Available in our full range on request.
  • All bait made fresh to order.
  • Orders of 10kg or over sent post free.
  • All baits manufactured at Essential Baits factory using fresh farm eggs.



Weight 10kg 20kg 30kg 50kg 100kg
Price per kilo £9.85 £8.75 £7.95 £7.45 £6.50
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Short term preserved boilies

Andy Clark successfully used our short term preserved boilies to tempt this awesome 67lb giant from Gigantica in France.

Many anglers love fresh/freezer boilies, whilst others prefer the convenience of shelf life boilies for those extended sessions or trips abroad. We therefore decided to develop a 'hybrid' between the two and our short term preserved boilies have been used with remarkable success across Europe. Their 30-day shelf life suits many anglers, and if you plan to have your bait delivered a few days before your trip, they will not only be fine for the duration of your stay, but any that are brought back can be put in the freezer and treated as freezer bait thereafter.

These boilies are also ideal for customers ordering bait from outside the UK, because the baits will withstand the shipping duration and can be placed in your freezer ready to use as required. Due to a 'drying out' period they are generally slightly harder than standard freezer boilies.