Advanced B5 Fluoro Pop-ups

Now available in a new range of colours and in 12mm sizes.
Many customers have said these ultra-bright B5 Fluoro pop-ups are the best they've ever used, which isn't surprising when you consider that fact they contain the irresistible B5 attractor package! Quite possibly the most proven 'big fish' attractor package ever developed!

The 'pungent' plum flavour really shines through and the distinctive 'red fruit' aroma of the Thaumatin based Fruit Factor 6 makes these pop-ups stand out from the crowd. They are absolutely perfect for single bait presentation or for fishing over beds of bait. Whichever option you choose, we are confident these pop-ups will out-perform anything else available!

Top-Tip: Fishing a Fluoro B5 pop-up over a bed of B5 boilies has proved absolutely deadly and has completely transformed some anglers' results. A 12mm Fluoro sat on top of a 16mm or 20mm B5 bottom bait will often be the first to be picked up by the wariest of carp!   


Super White - 12mm & 15mm
Vivid Yellow - 12mm & 15mm
Washed-out Pink - 12mm & 15mm
Bright Pink - 12mm & 15mm

Note: Above sizes are approx and can vary slightly between batches. 


£6.70 per tub

Fluoro pop-ups

Whilst carp are not generally recognised as sight feeders, there are undoubtedly times when they are visually drawn to a food source and bright pop-ups are a classic example of this. It's not surprising therefore, that fluoro pop-ups have proved very effective, particularly if just using a single bait with no free offerings. The winter and spring months are a classic example of this and a single fluoro pop-up cast to a 'showing' fish has resulted in the downfall of many a carp.

But it would be a mistake to think fluoro pop-ups should be just restricted to single bait presentation. Quite often, a fluoro pop-up fished over a bed of bait can fool the wariest of carp and a little 10mm fluoro pop-up mounted above a standard bottom bait can act as a very good visual sight and lead to a bite or two when other methods fail to produce.