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K5 Boilie Glug

A viscous liquid developed exclusively for Essential Baits to match our range of K5 boilies and associated products. The liquid contains our Antarctic Krill concentrate, together with a 5% inclusion of Thaumatin-B to round off any bitter edges and create a very attractive fish-feed stimulant that will greatly increase attraction within the baited area. This highly stimulative liquid acts as a very effective feeding trigger and is therefore ideal for increasing the attraction properties of your free offerings or to further boost your hook baits.

Use the K5 Boilie Glug at a rate of 10ml per kilo for pouring over boilies and shake well. Alternatively, for added hook bait attraction, just add one teaspoonful into a tub of Pop-ups, Wafters or Hookers and shake well.



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Boilie Glugs

The use of boilie Dips/Glugs to increase attraction levels can be extremely effective, particularly on short sessions or for using single hook baits when you want to boost the food signals.

For 'glugging up' your baits, just pour approx 20ml of your chosen liquid into a 1kg bag of boilies and shake well to ensure even distribution. This can be done before placing them into the freezer or after they’ve been taken out. If applying the liquid after the boilies have been taken out, it’s best to let them thaw out first before adding the liquid. It's also advisable to add the liquid to the boilies a few hours before you hit the bank, thus allowing a little time for the boilies to soak it up, although this isn't imperative.

For boosting your hook baits only, one useful ploy is to leave them permanently soaking within the solution and this will really ‘kick out’ the attraction. Bear in mind that pop-ups are likely to loose a little buoyancy if doing this for long periods. Alternatively you can just pour 10ml of the liquid solution into a jar of pop-ups and shake well. This will give them an extra boost without effecting buoyancy levels too much.