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B5 Salami

B5 Salami is back!!!!

This bait became unavailable for 9 months due to the rocketing prices of the ingredients found within the Salami-Stim concentrate, but we're pleased to say the market has levelled somewhat and the liquid is now being blended up as an exclusive to us, therefore, 100% not available from anywhere else! The recipe formulation of the B5 Salami is identical to the original B5, but the attractor package is completely different and contains no fewer than 11 different essential oils and oleoresins, including paprika, black pepper, chilli, nutmeg and garlic to create a lovely warm spice aromatic profile, which is extremely palatable. The B5 Salami used to be listed under our custom boilies section, but due to the popularity and demand, we've now included it in the main listings. A brilliant all-season high quality food bait with a distinctive spicy twist. 

Colur: Deep red. 

Attractor Profile: Salami-Stim, Betaine, GLM and Red Salmon oil. 

Digestibility status: Excellent/All-season. 

Available in 16mm, 20mm and Barrels. 

Note: Barrels are 14mm x 16mm.

Different sizes in same order? If you require different sizes in with the same order, please mention this in the ‘special instruction’ box at checkout. It is important to remember that the minimum order of any one size is 10kg. For example, if you order 20kg 16mm but want 16mm and 20mm, just enter; ‘10kg 16mm and 10kg 20mm’ in the instruction box (This does not apply to 12mm’s) If in doubt you can phone order through on 01278 427634 – office hours. Note: Sample packs are available in the drop down menu and whilst we will endeavour to send the correct size if in stock, we cannot specifically make 200g, so if not in stock, we will send the nearest size possible.

Please Note: The complex blend of the Salami-Stim concentrate is a very expensive blend to produce, and as such, both the Salami Cream and the B5 Salami carry a surcharge of 50p/kilo. 

Weight 1kg to 9kg 10kg 20kg 30kg 50kg 100kg
Price per kilo £11.49 £10.35 £9.25 £8.45 £7.95 £6.95
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Note: All freshly made boilies now have a reduced moisture content, thus allowing them extra freshness and a minimum of 48 hours in transit should overnight delivery fail or you are out, however, we always try to deliver within 24 hours. 

All orders under 10kg are likely to come straight from the freezer and sent frozen. All orders of 10kg or over will always be made fresh to order and sent out for you ready to freeze. Please allow sufficient lead time for ordering, which can vary from a few days to a few weeks depending on seasonal demand. 

Remember we are here to help, so if you have any questions or would prefer to order over the phone, please call 01278 427634 (office hours).

Please take note of our 'shipping & returns' policy if ordering freezer boilies. 

Good quality food baits

Ben Thompson with a stunning 47lb 5oz pb mirror caught on B5 freezer boilies when the fish seemed totally pre-occupied with naturals!
I can't begin to stress the importance of using a high quality food bait when it comes to catching carp on a regular basis. A bait formulated with nutritional ingredients will be sending out food signals long after the liquid attractors have been dispersed, this due to the fact that the ingredients themselves will be breaking down and sending out messages of food into the surrounding water.

Cheaper baits that have little or no nutritional value might sound more attractive on the pocket, but they will cost you dearly when it comes to producing the goods. Once any liquid attractors have dispersed, the bait will not be sending out any food signals at all, but further to this, will have no nutritional benefit whatsoever.

Carp, like all other fish, soon learn to recognise a food source and will continue to eat it again and again if it provides them with a sense of nutritional satisfaction. They have the ability to detect a nutritional food source prior to consumption (food signals coming from the bait) and after ingestion. With this in mind, we have developed what we believe to be the highest quality range of nutritional food baits available, and the success of the B5 alone has certainly gone some way to proving this.