Catch Reports

Overnight Success

Posted in Catch Reports on 17th August 2007

The likeable Rick Golder is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most consistently successful big fish... Read more

Lakes First 40+ Common

Posted in Catch Reports on 04th August 2007

Long standing Essential Bait user Mikey Edgeworth from Stonehouse, Glos has banked plenty of big... Read more

Amazing Start for Jon

Posted in Catch Reports on 27th July 2007

One of the country’s most successful big fish anglers Jon McAllister from Kent has recently... Read more

Top Marks Fudgy!

Posted in Catch Reports on 11th July 2007

Ageing carper Dave (Fudgy) Fuidge from Bristol has recently managed to bank himself a couple of... Read more

Consistent-Lee Successful!

Posted in Catch Reports on 27th May 2007

Consistent catcher of big carp and all round nice guy Lee Petty has been getting amongst the big... Read more

Back in the thick of it!

Posted in Catch Reports on 24th March 2007

Following on from his outstanding success of 2006, Martin Finan from Glos has immediately been back... Read more

The Elusive Long Common!

Posted in Catch Reports on 14th March 2007

Springwood Pool’s elusive ‘Long Common’ isn’t a fish that graces the bank... Read more

Lake Record Smashed!

Posted in Catch Reports on 10th January 2007

2007 started with a bang when we received a report from Paul Wortley from Hants who has been... Read more

Lee Nails Heather!

Posted in Catch Reports on 31st August 2006

Leicestershire based big carp angler Lee Petty has caught an impressive amount of big carp from a... Read more

Golder Strikes Gold!

Posted in Catch Reports on 18th August 2006

Rick Golder from Surrey started using the B5 last season and had the most successful season... Read more

Boilie Glugs

The use of boilie Dips/Glugs to increase attraction levels can be extremely effective, particularly on short sessions or for using single hook baits when you want to boost the food signals.

For 'glugging up' your baits, just pour approx 20ml of your chosen liquid into a 1kg bag of boilies and shake well to ensure even distribution. This can be done before placing them into the freezer or after they’ve been taken out. If applying the liquid after the boilies have been taken out, it’s best to let them thaw out first before adding the liquid. It's also advisable to add the liquid to the boilies a few hours before you hit the bank, thus allowing a little time for the boilies to soak it up, although this isn't imperative.

For boosting your hook baits only, one useful ploy is to leave them permanently soaking within the solution and this will really ‘kick out’ the attraction. Bear in mind that pop-ups are likely to loose a little buoyancy if doing this for long periods. Alternatively you can just pour 10ml of the liquid solution into a jar of pop-ups and shake well. This will give them an extra boost without effecting buoyancy levels too much.